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Challenge 17 winners

First off, sorry for being so late in posting the results. Long day....
Unfortunately some icons from this week's challenge had to be disqualified because they were posted on other message boards prior to the winners being announced and also the maker voted for their own icons in the tie breaker. :(

Please make sure you are reading the rules and following them when participating so that it is fair to everyone. The entire list of rules can be found on the main info page of the community.

On to the winners... :)

1st Place
by txgirlinia Thanks! :)

2nd Place
by krankykittie

3rd Place
by txgirlinia Thanks (again)!

No "Mod's Choice" this week due to the disqualifications

Banners will be posted shortly. Sam - If you haven't started banners for challenge 16 yet, just let me know and I can do them too.

Also, don't forget to enter challenge 18. Icons are due by Friday night. There are some absolutley gorgeous pics of Josh from the Toronto Film Festival to use for this week's challenge and I can't wait to see what you guys do with them! :)
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