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Challenge 16-B

Since we didn't have any entries for last week's challenge, we are going to scrap that one and put up a new Challenge 16...or Challenge 16-B as this one will now be called. :)

I went back to the poll we did a few week's ago and there were also some votes for Josh's recent paparazzi pics from Malibu. So your wish is my command... Images and rules are under the cut. Have a great week!

Challenge 16-B rules:
1. You may only use the images provided.
2. You may submit up to five icons for this challenge.
3. NO ANIMATION. Any other effects are fine.
4. Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 px and less than 40 kb).
5. No recycling old icons or submitting an icon you didn't make.
6. Icons are due by 8:00 pm (Central) on Friday, September 1st. Submissions must be made as a comment to this post. All comments are screened.

Click on image for full version

credit to Mandy @ www.josh-jackson.net for the pohotos
Tags: challenge info, challenge sixteen
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